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Design Documents
These are the original design documents. I'm currently reviewing these and making necessary modifications. Althought out of date, they may still be of interest.

OVERVIEW.PDF (16K, Jan 15, 2000)

This PDF file is an overview of the project. If you are considering joining the project please download and read this first.

GAMEPLAY.PDF (264K, Jan 16, 2000)

This file defines the rules of the game. We are currently looking for comments and suggestions regarding these rules so please take a look and give us some feedback.

CODING.PDF (336K, Jan 30, 2000)

Coding guidelines for project participants. Also describes the CVS directory structure used by the project and the configuration information required to set up tools. This is a very early draft.

ENGINE.PDF (268K, Jan 30, 2000)

Describes the requirements of the sprite/map engine. This document is basically a collection of thoughts about the engine and what it needs to do (and not do).

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